solar panel operation and maintenance (O&M) processes require periodic checks for ensuring optimal performance and security. The frequency and degree of solar array monitoring and solar panel maintenance are reliant on the installation type, system configuration and location of the commercial solar power system in use.
Yearly inspections are recommended by Deziniks Pvt Ltd. solar maintenance.

Solar Maintenance

Solar PV systems’ maintenance processes are best carried out by qualified installers or service technicians who are conversant with PV components and their safety procedures. These providers of solar panel maintenance services take care of the full range of PV maintenance processes that include:

1)Carrying out visual inspections
2)Conducting verifications of the PV system operations
3)Taking corrective actions
4)Monitoring and verifying how effective the corrective actions are, etc.

Maintenance Process

1) The timely and regular cleaning of solar cells and PV panels
2) Regular maintenance of all thermal-based components
3) Servicing of HT side equipment on an annual basis
4) Diagnosis and tests pertaining to low solar power production
5) Testing and upkeep of circuits
6) Tracing of IV curves and thermal imaging
7) Measure of earth value
8) Retro-commissioning
9) Management of warranties
10) System checks pertaining to data acquisition, etc

Costs involved in solar panel maintenance

Commercial solar system maintenance costs are minuscule in comparison to the many benefits of lighting, ventilation, equipment power supply, etc. derived by installing them. That said, the costs of solar PV maintenance and operations are dependent on:

1) Location: controlled access, remote or for restricted hours of operations.

2) Type of solar panel system: ground mounted, roof-top, fixed vs. tracking, etc.

3) PV components: number of combiners and solar modules, type and number of inverters, number of transformers, etc.

4) Cover provided by the warranties in place: environmental conditions like salt air, humidity, heat, pollen, sandy location, population of birds, industrial emissions, heavy insolation, presence of construction sites in proximate locations, etc.

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