Deziniks Pvt. Ltd. Located in Jaipur city. Specialize in research, design, development, production, and service of solar PV Mounting systems. Our Company's idea is openness based on sincerity, pursuit Excellence Quality and mutually beneficial cooperation. Offering a series of ground, rooftop, greenhouse, and carport mounting systems, and construction of various photovoltaic power stations for civil and commercial use. Our Research and development team ensures that the structures and PV plants to be designed engineered individuality of each customer's specific requirement and site condition making it more effective, economical, and trusted.

Why Deziniks?

Deziniks accentuates innovation and products and offers good guarantees and professional support to customers. Since its inception, the company is dedicated to distributing the most valued and engineered products. A professional research, and development team that is led by the eligible, and experienced elite is set up in the birth of the company. The application of the most advanced types of equipment turns the company into an industry bellwether in structural design and system performance. Deziniks cherishes his perspicacious property and Designs copyrights of high-tech products including the Ground Mounting System, Carport and Roof Mounting System, etc.


To meet the energy demands, provide affordable solar solutions and promote sustainability by harnessing solar energy. The extensive use of fossil fuel energy has caused irreversible damage. Have faith in us and choose a more responsible way to power our lives: Let’s go solar with Deziniks Pvt Ltd.


Our mission is to be at the forefront of developing technically advanced infrastructure clients around the world.

The staff is excellent,friendly and very professional. They handle a complicated project on time and for a fair price!

Sun Rayes

Co Founder

An enthusiastic team, dynamic and serious, look no further, Brighten Solar has completely met my needs.I highly recommend.

Agni Power

Co Founder