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Solar Energy is here to stay. The period of evolution is over and a quiet revolution is changing the way we think about Solar Energy. Today, it presents a mind-boggling array of business opportunities because the technology has become sophisticated and applicable just about anywhere -home, commercial, institutional and new applications are being tried out in all areas of human endeavor. The fantastic 200% year-on-year growth of the Solar Industry reflects this reality.

Company Profile

Deziniks Pvt. Ltd. is a leading and developing engineering consultancy firm that delivers its clients the best designs, planning, engineering, consulting and construction management services for all and every kind of civil work. With a professional and experienced team, we also provide solutions for urban development, Construction material testing and environmental engineering and social issues. We are a leading engineering consultant who provide innovative, reliable and efficient technical assistance and engineering consultancy services for infrastructural development. We are committed to excellence and long term relationships with our customers by providing the maximum return on their investment.
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What We Do?

Solar Mounting Structures

Solar mounting structures or “racking”, is at the foundation of every solar system. Having the right kind of racking can make or break an installation, as this determines the stability of the overall system. With positive growth trends seen in the Indian solar power industry over the past two years investor confidence in the segment has increased over time. This has help in greater capacity additions and positive growth reflection across associated markets – such as mounting structures.


Telecom Structures

We deploy the passive physical infrastructure necessary to house the active equipment – the base transceiver station, transmission link, and microwave antenna – of our customers. Towers range from the traditional lattice-type structure such as the ground-based tower, rooftop tower, or pole – to aesthetically designed lightweight hybrid poles, monopoles, or camouflaged towers that merge with the backdrop.


Aluminium And Hot Dip GI

Hot Dip Galvanizing is the process of applying a zinc coating to fabricated iron structure by immersing the structure in a bath consisting primarily of molten zinc. The galvanizing prevents the corrosion of the iron structure by providing a tough metallic zinc envelope, which completely covers the surface of the structure and seals it from the corrosive action of its environment.


Our Services

Design And Engineering

Design of utility-scale solar PV plants needs technical proficiency to maintain a balance between performance and cost.


Engineering Consultancy

Deziniks Pvt Ltd is a leading engineering consultant who provides innovative, reliable, and efficient technical assistance and engineering consultancy services for infrastructural development. We assist you to provide you with the best services and better products. It's the right time to start your solar journey with Us.


Plant Setup and Audit

We Deziniks Ptv Ltd will provide the full organized structural setup of solar panel system with our best-qualified engineers and to make sure that your solar system has been installed to the highest standard of safety and quality, we have appointed qualified inspectors to undertake safety audits of selected systems installed.


Deziniks Service Includes

  • Pre Tender Activities
  • Surveys And Investigation
  • Geo Technical Tnvestigation
  • Designing And Construction
  • Foundation Engineering
  • Feasibility Studies And Detailed Engineering
  • Cost Estimation And Quality Assurance
  • Drafting And Designing Services
  • Value Engineering And Assets Management
  • Data Mining
  • Web Development
  • Research And Development

Our Mission

Solar has suffered and is still suffering from many misconceived notions, and we understand that the process of going solar might seem overwhelming. Education and empowerment are at the core of our approach.


The staff is excellent,friendly and very professional. They handle a complicated project on time and for a fair price!

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An enthusiastic team, dynamic and serious, look no further, Brighten Solar has completely met my needs.I highly recommend.

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